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Fixes in Microsoft outlook

Outlook is an email application released by Microsoft on July 31, 2012, when the beta version of Outlook was made available to general public. Currently, Outlook has more than 400 million users around the world who make frequent actions and interactions on the platform

Fixes in Outlook 

  • Back-up files -Outlook’s views, calendar, journal, email, contact, task, are not always the part of the personal folder file. You could backup the components separately by following this:

  1. Choose Import and Export from the “file menu” to launch wizard menu.

  1. Choose Export to a file from the “choose an action to perform list” and click Next.

  1. Select personal folder file (.pst) from the “choose a file type list” and click Next.

  1. Select the outlook folder you want to export from the “select a folder to Export from the list” and click next.

  1. Specify a folder, filename for the backup file then click ok.

If you are on the corporate server then,

  1. From the Tools menu, choose service and click on the delivery tab.

  1. From delivering new mail to the required location, choose remote mail and identify your personal folder file or Microsoft Exchange mail server, if you want to access to offline folders.

  1. Click ok. Now, exit and restart Outlook. If you still find difficulty with the corporate server then contact

  • Delete a “.pst” file from a profile- when a user moves from the local system, you need to delete his/her “.pst” from the local system. Sometimes, it is difficult to delete the already adjusted file on the local system even after refreshing or signing out multiple times. So, to fix this error, you just have to follow some certain steps-

  1. Close Outlook if it opens.

  1. From Windows, click the start menu and then click control panel.

  1. Double-click mail.

  1. Click data files.

  1. Select personal folders and remove it. Now, you could add your personal profile folder.

  • Scan PST file- Most of the time PST files create inevitable errors. These errors prevent Outlook from performing correctly, functionally. For removing these unwanted errors, run scanpst.exe against every PST file. It might take a longer time, depends on the size of the file. If scanning does not yield a firm solution to tackle the errors created by PST files then Outlook customer care would definitely resolve your all problems.

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